Senior 2011/2012 Season

A1 West Gambier 11-82 def Mount Gambier 6-66
A2/A3 West Gambier Blue 10-87 def Glencoe 8-85
A4 Mount Gambie Blue 14-89 def Moorak 2-40
B1 Mil-Lel 6-54 def Centrals 6-48
B2 Reidy Park Royal 7-62 def Mil Lel 5-46
B3 Mil-Lel 6-58 def Mount Schank 6-54
LDA Saints United Red 5-34 def Allendale East 1-19
LDB Saints United Red 5-30 def Saints United White 1-18

Just a reminder that the HOME team needs to enter the results by 10am SUNDAY, and the AWAY team to confirm by 10am MONDAY.

The 2011/2012 Tennis Season will start on the 14th & 15th October 2011.

Draws are now available, click here to view.

Please note following rule changes regarding starting times:


(a)For all matches shall be 1 p.m. promptly
(b)Any team not in a position to commence two singles at 1 p.m. shall be liable to forfeit the match on the protest of the opposing teams.
(c)No sets are to be commenced after 6pm.

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