Senior 2010/2011 Season

A1 Reidy Park 10-84 def West Gambier 7-67
A2 Reidy Park 9-83 def Centrals 8-70
A3 Reidy Park Red 9-66 def West Gambier 7-70
A4 Mil Lel 10-77 def Glencoe 7-71
B1 Moorak 7-55 def Centrals 5-52
B2 Reidy Park 11-67 def Mil Lel 1-32
B3 Mount Gambier 6-53 def Glencoe 6-50
LDA Saints United 3-27 def Allendale East Blue 3-22
LDB Glencoe 6-38 def Saints United 0-17

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